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Professional Affiliations

Members of our staff belong to various organizations assembled around water quality in Colorado and the surrounding region. Employees attend meetings and participate in trade shows and sponsored activities to stay informed about issues related to the treatment and monitoring of drinking water and waste water to help us better facilitate our customers’ laboratory needs. To find more information about organizations we work with, follow the links below.

American Water Works Association – Rocky Mountain Section

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Colorado Rural Water Association

Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts Association


Due to increasing demand for water testing by municipalities, we are now asking homeowners to reach out to our colleagues at GeoWater Services. They are available to help you with guidance and testing related to your home’s water quality as well as real estate transactions. Please contact them directly for more specific information by phone, (303) 670-3348 or at their website,

Homeowners inquiring about soil analysis for gardens or other applications, please contact our colleagues at Colorado State University for assistance. They provide targeted analytical services and can offer valuable, detailed interpretation and recommendations based on results. Please contact them directly for more information by phone, (970) 491-5061 or at their website,